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refrigeration equipment food vending machine with heating

refrigerated food vending machines for sales

Refrigerated Food Vending Machines for Sales

The AMS 39 cold food vending machine is a workhorse in the cold food vending segment. With 40 selections available and pricing capacity up to $99.95, the AMS 39 is an exceptional value. Manufacturer: National. Pricing Capacity: $0.00 - $99.95. Dispenses: Refrigerated Foods. Selections:

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seaga inf5f infinity series cold food vending machine 39" 5

Seaga INF5F Infinity Series Cold Food Vending Machine 39" 5

400 stacker bill validator included. Accepts 1's and 5's. Can be set to take 10's and 20's. Optional Credit Card Reader works on a standard internet connection (3rd party fee required) not included. Slide-In Cooling Deck. Double Pane Glass. Steel Trays for Solidity and Strength. Dimensions: 72"H x 39"W x 37"D. Weight: 756.

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500w credit card vending machine with 24v electric heating

500w Credit Card Vending Machine With 24V Electric Heating

WM55-W touch screen advertisement vending machine . Features: This machine is designed to provide Low temperatures at user friendly power usage.Cooling system is optional. cashless payment systems, Change Giver, Bill Validator and/or Coin Selector or combinations. Double layer Glass; Use Embraco compressor and Xingyuan Motor; Refrigeration unit R134a

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evoke elevator vending machine - uselectit

Evoke Elevator Vending Machine - USelectIt

USI refrigerated and frozen merchandisers feature health safety temperature sensing technology to prevent the sale of perishable food if the air temperature inside the food vendor compartment rises above the Health Safety temperature limit for more than 15 minutes.

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hot food vending machine with whole air heated - vendlife

Hot Food Vending Machine with Whole Air Heated - Vendlife

Hot Food Vending Machine with Whole Air Heated. With the state-of-the-art equipment and professional team, Vendlife is ready to offer you excellent Vending Machines and Intelligent Unmanned Retail Solutions. 2019 high-quality lunch box machine. Smoothly shipment, heating function. Anti-Condensation-proof electric heat glass.

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energy star refrigerated beverage vending machines version 4

ENERGY STAR Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines Version 4

Food Vending Machine. A refrigerated food vending machine that holds and/or prepares 41 mechanically distributed refrigerated food products or a combination of refrigerated food 42 product(s) and refrigerated bottled and/or canned beverage products. 43 44 D. Rebuilt Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machine: An Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed or

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