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Auto Snack Vending Machine

Product Descriptions:

Auto Snack Frozen Food Toy Pizza Drink Vending Machine.Brand new combo vending machine. Bright LED lights, accepts coins, credit cards, Apple pay, Android pay, Inventory tracking, Anti theft guard, drop sensors. Take advantage of the digital control panel and LED display to quickly adjust each zone’s set temperature as well as control the interior LED lighting.

Product Features:

21.5-inch high-definition touch screen, double-layer hollow tempered glass, support PC terminal and mobile terminal cloud background, real-time monitoring of machine operation data
Large warehouse does not block goods, 400 bottles of large capacity goods, do not need frequent replenishment, thickened galvanized steel body, integrated stamping manufacturing, durable explosion-proof, effective temperature locking, energy saving.

Product Parameters:

Machine name: Beverage snack machine double cabinet vending machine
Machine model: cy-x65
Machine specification: 1930 mm (H) * 1260 mm (W) * 840 mm (T)
Machine weight: 300kg
Maximum power: 450W
Commodity capacity: 6 floors, 9 freight lanes per floor
(left refrigeration; right normal temperature) total capacity 270-400 pieces
Temperature setting: support 3-8 ° C (cold storage)
Body material: the cabinet is made of refrigerator foam box and thickened galvanized steel plate.