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1. Q: What payment way do you have for the machine?
A: We have coin, bill and credit card payment system for your options, please send us an inquiry for

2. Q: Can we customize our own design?
A: Yes, please send us an inquiry about your design.

3. Q: How many products can I sell in one set?
A: The capacity varies upon your products specifications, please send us an inquiry about your products information.

4. Q: How long is your production time ?
A: Production time varies from 15-30 days for under 50 sets, more machines please send us an inquiry.

5. Q: What’s your shipping method, can we get by Express or air?
A: Usually we send by sea, as it will cost too much by Express or Air. For the cost please send us an inquiry.

6. Q: Can I just buy one set? And this is my first time to buy, could you offer help?
A: It’s OK to order one set, and we are happy to guide you to make the first order. Please send us an inquiry for guidance.

7.Q: Have you sent vending machines into our country before?
A: ChengYing Vending, as the biggest vending machine manufacturer in China, we have sent vending machine to more than 100 countries so far.
Please consult our sales representative for confirmation.

8.Q: What’s your warranty?
A: 12-month.We have professional after-sales service team.

9.Q: Do you have a price list?
A: Please consult our sales represtative with your requirements details for further conversation.

10.Q: What is the life time of vending machine?
A: Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.